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The concept

Immediately appealing
a landscape, a view, a light, an emotion


Home by U offers you the chance
to discover these unique settings

The Alps and Brittany have character. We love the contrasts in these places, the authenticity, the purity of the air. As these regions have always been forbidding, they have preserved their soul. Nature has been preserved here, it is elementary. To spend time here is a marvelous escape, for those who want to suspend time.

The light is subtle, never to be counted on. Dazzling one day, timid the next, it illuminates in a very particular manner and invites itself into the heart of our houses through the glass facades.

Lovers of architecture, of art and of design, we have furnished the rooms as we would have done for ourselves, but for you.

My experience as a curator helped me stage the interiors, allowing the furniture and decorations to be exhibited and to converse in perfect harmony.

As for Christophe, having run an industrial company for over 15 years, he will be able to effectively respond to all your needs. 


Villa By U
Chalets By U

Dans le cadre du Covid-19

Home by U souhaite répondre au mieux à vos attentes

Conditions d’annulation flexibles (remboursement 100% jusqu’à 14 jours avant votre arrivée)

Flacon de 50 ml de produit hydro-alcoolique Home by U pour chacun des locataires

Mise en place d’un protocole sanitaire (désinfection des lieux avec produits éco-labélisés y compris poignées de porte et interrupteurs, utilisation de la vapeur pour les surfaces textiles)

Utilisation de masques de protection et lavage des mains gantées à chaque changement de pièce, par nos équipes d’intervention

Créneaux horaires élargis entre deux locations afin que nos équipes puissent aérer les lieux et prendre le temps de leur intervention (départ 9h- arrivée 17h)

Prenez soin de vous