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General Booking Terms and Conditions

1/ Reservation conditions

A vacation rental is to be reserved between:

The SAS (Société Anonyme Simplifiée) Home by U whose company’s base is located at 28 Boulevard Maréchal Foch  77300 Fontainebleau, France, from here on indicated as the « Lessor»

And the person or company that is making the reservation, from here on indicated as the “Renter

2/ Contract

An invoice will be sent to the Renter as soon as the full payment of the rental is received.

When a reservation is done by telephone, the Renter is assumed to have accepted the contract terms.

When you receive the invoice, it is crucial that you verify and check over the details of your reservation (chalet 1 or 2, the dates, the options, the price…) The Renter has 7 calendar days in case of an issue on the contract to modify it, if the reservation is made more than 5 weeks before arrival.

The Renter has 24 hours in case of an issue with the contract, if the reservation is made less than 5 weeks before arrival.

3/ Reservation - Confirmation of the reservation

If the reservation is made more than 6 weeks before arrival, the Renter must pay a 30% deposit to validate it, the amount is non-reimbursable. The balance of the rental, or the remaining 70% must be paid at the latest 6 weeks before arrival.

If the reservation is made less than 6 weeks before arrival, the Renter must pay 100% of the reservation to guarantee it.

4/ Safety deposit

The safety deposit is paid to cover any damages that might be caused to the rental property and to the furnishings and other objects decorating the rental premises, as well as for any charges due to excessive utility use.

This amount will be returned within one month, with a deduction for any articles that need to be replaced, any potential repair costs, for extra housecleaning, etc.

If the security deposit proves to be insufficient, the Renter promises to pay the extra costs.

A sum of 2000€ (two thousand euros) for the chalets in Saint-Martin de Belleville, and 1000€ (one thousand euros) for the villa in Saint-Jacut de la Mer, as a security deposit, will be requested with a debit authorization or by check, one week before arrival. 

If the Lessor has to use the security deposit, they must notify the Renter as such by a registered letter within 5 days of their departure.  

5/ Cancellations by the Renter

In case of cancellation, the Renter must let the Lessor know by registered letter, and this will be effective from the date it is received.

In case of a cancellation within 6 weeks or less before the date of arrival, the renter forfeits 100% of the amount of the rental.

In case of a cancellation over 6 weeks before the date of arrival, the 30% deposit is due to the lessor. 

In case of a cancellation due to Covid situation, 100% of the deposit will be refunded until 1 day before your arrival. 

6/ Terminations

The Renter agrees, after paying the deposit, to cover the balance of the rental 6 weeks prior to arrival at the rental property. If the payment is not paid by the agreed dates, and after 8 days of a formal notice to this affect there is no payment made, the Lessor can impose an immediate termination of the contract, and without any compensation to the Renter, can open up the rental availability of the property.

7/ Insurance

The Renter must have a Liability insurance policy.

This insurance must cover medical costs, mountain rescues, emergency repatriation, trip cancellation, and theft of personal belongings.

8/ Renter’s Obligations

The Renter agrees to return the rental property in the same condition that he found it upon arrival and begins using the property, and that which it was described to them.

The furniture and movable objects should not incur more wear than normal usage for which they are designated. Those that are missing or rendered useless, for any cause other than normal usage, must be paid for or reimbursed by the Renter with the assent of the Lessor. This clause applies equally to the household linens and the house in general.

If necessary, there will be held from the deposit: 

a) The value of the broken or chipped objects.

b) The price of the washing or cleaning of the rugs, covers, mattresses, bedding, household linens… that would have been stained.

The Renter agrees to use the furniture and objects in the manner for which they were made and in the place where they are located. It is strictly forbidden to take them off of the rental property.

The Renter must abstain completely from throwing anything in the sinks, showers, and toilets that might obstruct the plumbing; otherwise they will be responsible for the incurred costs to render them usable.

The Renter may not in any way sub-rent, nor transfer their rights to this agreement without the express agreement from the Lessor.

More people than the number indicated on the contract, without prior authorization from the Lessor, must not, under any circumstances, occupy the currently rented properties.

The Renter must undertake any urgent repairs necessary on the property to maintain the condition of the rental and the communal installations.

The Renter may not bring onto the property household pets without express prior authorization from the Lessor.

The Renter must, as soon as they take possession of the rental, inform the Lessor or their representative, during the entry inspection of any observed anomalies.

9/ Lessor’s Obligations

The Lessor agrees to present the rental property to the Renter in the state in which it was described, and to respect the obligations declared in this agreement.

Any malfunctioning of the appliances or equipment, and the sometimes necessary delays in high season to engage a repairman or to obtain necessary parts to repair them will not incur any specific compensation, and will be considered as incidents of the same nature that could happen in a private home.

Concerning the sauna, the Renter is fully informed of the necessity to take all necessary precautions for using it. They are reminded that access to the sauna is forbidden to children less than 14 years old.

No protection substitutes common sense, nor the individual responsibility and the vigilance of the parents and/or responsible adults for the protection of children, whom must be under constant surveillance, which they expressly acknowledge.

10/ Non-included Services

For the chalets and the villa, the price of the rental period does not include:

Obligatory personal insurance

Arrival and departure transportation

For the chalets, the price of the rental period does not include:

Rental of ski equipment

Ski lift tickets

11/ Thefts

The Lessor cannot be held responsible in case of unlawful entry or theft of personal belongings during the rental period. The Renter must accept full responsibility. A safe is available in the master bedroom.

12/ Smokers

Our properties are non-smoking; we ask expressly that the Renter only smoke outside.